The Telis Soliris RTS is a hand-held remote to operate awnings, screens and shutters featuring Radio Technology Somfy. It also has the added feature of activating an RTS sun sensor remotely. It’s available in a variety of colors and channel versions.

Patio blinds, Rolling shutter, Exterior blind, Retractable Insect Screens, Commercial
Radio Technology Somfy (RTS)


Comfort & Convenience

  • Effortlessly adjust awnings, exterior screens or rolling shutters with a simple button press.
  • Remotely activate and deactive RTS sun sensor to reduce energy consumption.
  • RTS is omni-directional, so no need to aim the remote at the product being controlled.
  • Exclusive Somfy MY feature saves a favorite/preferred product position without having to fine tune it each time.

Energy Savings

  • Reduce heat gain by activating the sun sensor so motorized products automatically adjust based on the sun’s intensity.

Details & specifications

Sun Sensor Control

  • Remotely activate or deactivate sun sensor to control automatic operation of applications with ease.
1-5 channel versions
  • Each channel can control an individual motorized product or a group of motorized products which provides practical and flexible control options.
Radio Technology Somfy
  • Compatible with all RTS powered systems, controls and accessories so you can mix and match options to maximize product performance.

Dimension & Weight

Width : 1.61in mm

Height : 5.28in mm