Choose Somfy interior and exterior blinds to

Protect yourself from the sun and
increase comfort and privacy


Create an interior that reflects your personality!

Motorized systems and controls for interior blinds


Silent wireless motorized systems with built-in batteries
Somfy quiet motorization for small blinds, dedicated to interior applications


4 good reasons to motorize your interior blinds

Control your interior blinds using a remote control, tablet or smartphone. With Somfy solutions, everything becomes easy!

Our new range of motorized systems provides you with unequalled acoustic performance when raising and lowering blinds. No noise will disturb you!

Thanks to their sun sensors, your motorized interior blinds become smart and connected, allowing them to adjust automatically to outside conditions. As a result, they’ll help you control your energy spending much more effectively .

Selecting a motorized system is like selecting a new lifestyle! Play with natural light, and create your own ambiances to achieve privacy, peace and tranquillity!