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your home with the somfy range of cameras


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4 good reasons to choose our cameras:

Thanks to the motorized privacy shutter, the Somfy Indoor Camera and Somfy One cannot film while you’re at home. The Somfy Outdoor Camera also comes with a private life function to maintain your privacy.

The Somfy Outdoor Camera has a 110 dB built-in siren that you can activate from your smartphone if someone tries to break in. You can also connect it to an outside light fixture so that the light switches on when motion is detected.

More than just a simple indoor camera, the Somfy One has a built-in 90dB siren. You can connect it to various accessories (detectors, remote controls, etc.) and use it to centralise control of your home.

With Full HD video, a 130° wide-angle lens, 8X zoom, night vision, motion detector, and pet and animal immunity, the Somfy Indoor Camera has everything you need for optimal surveillance.